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About us 

 For those with anxiety issues, research shows that weighted blankets can trigger nervous system responses, creating a feeling of calm and making sleep easier. 

Many of our combat veterans suffer from anxiety issues.  In 2018, our organization recognized the need for them to have weighted blankets.  Unfortunately, the cost of an effective  manufactured weighted blanket is quite high.  

We believe that veterans who are suffering because of war should not have to pay for anything that can help them.  We are able to make weighted blankets for a fraction of the average retail price and supply them free of charge to veterans who desperately need them.  

Our Founder Featured on "Pay it forward" 

Wichita law firm Devaughn James awarded our organization with a grant 

Gallery of Past Projects

Our blankets are made from 100% high quality cotton.  They are weighted by using odorless plastic poly pellets 

that are heat resistant up to 400 degrees.  They can be easily laundered in home machines.

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